Sandy Karagianni

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Born and raised in Canada by Greek parents, living mostly in Athens and traveling around, Sandy is a passionate professional artist that visualizes style images and produces them. The ingredients of her work are the creation of themes, concept, styling, creative direction for fashion and the creation of costume designs, art direction, set design for advertising commercials. She is also a Story Teller and she expresses her creativity in developing conceptual photography motivated by authentic cultures and life style.

Her influences and inspirations are from Arts, Design, Architecture, Cinema and they are really endless. Studies in History of Fashion, Design, Graphic Design and Photography have made her more equipped in visualizing with various ideas and have influenced her in perceiving each project through the spectrum of art.

Working more than 15 years as a fashion editor, director for magazines such us Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’ Officiel, A Conceptual Magazine and collaborating with a wide range of Greek and International fashion photographers, gives her the ability and the knowledge to produce a stylish image with the highest quality. She has collaborated with most Greek designers and brands for their campaigns and shows.

At the 40th Greek Film Festival in Drama 2017, Sandy won the prize HONORARY DISTINCTION for the Best Costumes for her first short film “Play”  directed by Vangelis Liberopoulos.

Loving and being enthusiasm in photography, blending it more in style than in fashion, naturally she embraces all her creativity in developing photography and storytelling. Her personal photography work involves the concept, styling and the set design.

Recording feelings and emphasizing into the real character, Sandy has always been interested in the idea of ‘the authentic’ beauty. She creates documentary, conceptual, design and travel images with a purest minimalistic aesthetic, exactly the opposed than her glossy fashion images. Her artistic talent found a way to balance both loved expressions as a bridge between two worlds.

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Collaborating with Pansik Scuola Di Moda in Athens and inspiring the new up-coming Greek Designers, Stylists and Artists, Sandy develops fashion projects and artworks.

• Harpers Bazaar, L’Officiel, L’Officiel Hommes, Gynaika Mag, as a fashion director.
• Vogue, as a fashion producer and photo editor.
• V. Beaute, A Conceptual Magazine, as a fashion editor.
• V.Donna, Status, Omikron, Conde Nast Traveler, Real News, Hilton Magazine, as a freelance fashion editor.
• Artfashion on line magazine, as a creative director.
• White Pages Magazine, as a creative and fashion director.

• Advertising companies, Bold, Adel, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Publicis, Spot Thomson, as a stylist for printed campaigns.
• Production companies, Foss, Feelme Films, Modiano, Top Cut, Magikon, Play Productions, as a costume designer and art director for TV commercials.
• Bulgari House, as a stylist for worldwide Bulgari campaign.
• Diesel Hellas House, as an art director for Diesel fashion shows.
• Louis Vuitton, Marks&Spencer, Tory Burch based in Greece, as a still life stylist and creative director for their style ad pages.

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